This is a long overdue review of Collision Craft in Moorabbin, but better later than not at all. I bought a certified pre-owned BMW and took delivery on Saturday, January 10. I got a scuff not three weeks later when I didn’t pull the car far enough into a garage and the door rubbed up against the rear bumper. Absolutely maddening! I called Eddie and he met me at my office on a Friday morning (February 6). Eddie quickly repaired the damage (which was minimal) and now I can’t find where it was scratched. Eddie told me that while he had originally thought the repair would be $275, he would only charge me $100. I wrote him a check and thanked him for his time and professionalism. Eddie did a terrific job and while he could have charged me the full $275 he quoted me (and I’d have gladly paid it), he ultimately charged me less than half (actually only 36%) of that amount. I believe that actions speak louder than words. Eddie’s actions told me, and should tell you, more about the kind of service provider that he is than words ever could. Eddie, thanks for making my car look as good as the day I drove it off the lot of BMW of Southbank!

Andrew L. March 4, 2015
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