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Not At Fault Accident Claims

Searching for “car insurance claims not my fault” to help you figure out how to handle your insurance? Stop all the time-wasting research and come directly to Collision Craft − a specialist car crash repairs provider.

We know the insurance industry back to front, so if you need help with a car accident that’s not my fault, come to us first. It can be frustrating being in a not insured accident, especially when you’re not at fault and didn’t cause the crash. Whatever your circumstances, we can help you navigate the legalities with your insurer or with the other person involved in the crash.

Car Accident Compensation Handled by Collision Craft

If you wish to make a third party claim for damage caused by your accident, we can offer advice and handle things for you. When you need car accident compensation, we can help you to come to a compromise with the person who caused the crash. A successful car accident settlement is a distinct possibility when you’ve got Collision Craft on your side.

You may particularly need our assistance if you’ve been in a “luxury car crash that’s not my fault” and want compensation. We can take care of everything for you while also providing the most complete car repair services in Melbourne.

Why Choose Collision Craft to Help With Your Not At Fault Claim?

  • Experienced Staff − We’re very good at talking to insurance companies, allowing us to sort your insurance out and save you major hassle.
  • Save Time − We save you valuable time by taking ownership of your insurance company situation and fixing it for you.
  • Advocacy − We have experience advocating for our clients when discussing their needs with insurance companies.
  • Courtesy Cars − While we’re sorting out your insurance, your life is business as usual with our free rental cars.

Need help with not at fault accident claims? Come straight to Collision Craft − the experts in car repairs. Call us now on (03) 9553 7290 and we’ll take care of everything for you.

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